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shoesON guide

shoesON has a great pleasure to present a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products from the market-leading brands of sports shoes. We are the official partner of presented brands, thanks to close cooperation with them we are able to provide our customers with exceptional and best products.
We would also like to give our customers the best online exposition of all offered products and to make the online shopping as simple as possible.

Below we present a brief guide to the shoesON store:




1. Products search

If you want to see the shoes that you are interested in, you can do it in several ways:

• By the product's brand

The easiest way to see the products of the chosen brand is to click the brand logo in the upper right  corner of the page.

To choose the brand beyond the homepage there are also either side buttons located far to the right or the dropdown at the location path on the category pages.

Brand's products can be also displayed by clicking the brand's name at the location path on the product pages.

• By category

shoesON products are assigned to the categories where they are also assorted by gender and brand. To display products by category you can use the category bar.

To choose the category beyond the homepage there are also either side buttons located far to the left or the dropdown at the location path on the category pages.

Products assigned to the category can be also displayed by clicking the category at the location path.

• By search box

At any time you can also use the search box located at the top of the page. When the mouse gets in the search box, the advanced search options are displayed automatically.
Products can be searched by:
- keywords
- selecting advanced serach parameters
- keywords and selecting advanced search parameters

2. Viewing products

shoesON's intention is to provide the high quality online exposition of every shoe contained in our offer. On each product page there are always 2 options of viewing the product: standard SHELF and 3D view.
To see the relevant view please click the right button at the top of the shelf.


This view is displayed automatically after entering the product page. It presents the shoe on the shelf in few different configurations.
- willing to zoom the view please move the mouse on the part of the shoe that you'd like to see closer
- if you'd like to change the view, please click the miniature below the shelf
- to see the additional views please click the arrow on the right of the miniatures

• 3D

In order to provide more precise and realistic view of the product, all shoes are also presented in 3D view that enables to see the product all around, including zoom and full screen options.
To see the 3D view please click the 3D button at the top of the shelf. 3D presentation downloads automatically, its progress is indicated by % ratio in the middle of 3D view.

When download is completed, 3D presentation starts automatically.
- to stop the auto-rotation just click on any place of the presentation
  - to restart auto-rotation just click auto-rotation icon
  Other convenient option is manual rotation:
- click and hold mouse button on any place of presentation and navigate left/right
- drag the cursor at the bottom navigation bar

Zoom option can be applied at any moment of 3D presentation
- move the mouse to the part of the shoe that you'd like to see closer and use the scroll function
- use the zoom buttons + -
To travel the zoom around the view hold the mouse button and navigate in chosen direction.
When zoom is applied, the view can be rotated only by draging the cursor at the bottom navigation bar.

3D presentation is also available in full screen view:
- doubleclick at any place of presentation
- click the full screen icon.

To leave the full screen view:
- doubleclick at any place of presentation
- click the exit full screen icon
- use the Esc button.

3. My account

Logged users can access a dedicated My Account zone, where they can easily take advantage of extra features: 

• My orders:

List of all customer's orders with updated information on order's status and payments.

• Package tracking:

List of all orders on their way to the customer along with the numbers of package and a link to track your shipment.

• Exchanges/Returns

List of all products that customer can still exchange or return. Includes download to Return/Exchange Form that should be completed and attached to the returned / exchanged products.

• Share your opinion

Section, where customers can share their oopinion on completed orders, products and our service. 

• My discounts

This site contains information on all promotions, discounts and vouchers assigned to the particular customer.

• Favourite products

Logged users can save the products in Favourite products section, they can also easily compare the shoes and inform friends about their favourite models.

• User's Profile

The section contains data assigned to the user's account. Data can be updated, and the password can be changed there.

Ordering procedure is describe in section HOW TO ORDER.


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